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“Thanks to you and your team for all the help through the journey. I am grateful :)”

Bernadette T.

(April 2021)

“I cannot thank Ms. Bangudi enough for giving me hope again. She got me through a very long and stressful divorce and child custody case. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about the law, she also displayed a high level of skill and confidence during my divorce trial. I won my divorce case 100% with full legal and physical custody of my children. If in need of an attorney that will walk you through the ins and outs of your family or immigration law case, please seek the help of Ms. Bangudi. She is truly gifted in her field.” See this Bangudi Law Client Review on AVVO

(March 2021)

“I was detained with a criminal conviction. Every other immigration attorney I spoke to were not able to give me any ideas as to how they could help. All they wanted was to quote me a sum of money. But Ms. Bangudi was honest and straight forward about the hard road we were facing. She did not sugar coat anything to get me to attain her as my attorney and she had ideas to start with. She worked hard to do the research and prepare for my case and I am thankful for her as I have been released from detention with all proceedings dismissed. My family and I are forever grateful.” See this Bangudi Law client review on Google.

“On several occasions, I have reached out to Mayabanza for legal advice and have sought her services on various immigration issues. In all situations, she had met and gone beyond expectation in delivering successful results. As a client, you can also be assured of a timely and personable approach to the handling of your cases.” See this Bangudi Law Client Review on LinkedIn


“SUPERIOR SERVICE – Ms Bangudi provides excellent and knowledge service consistently. She is very direct, honest and goes above and beyond. I have never met a lawyer who was not money hungry, until I met her. I highly recommend her if you want guaranteed results that is affordable and reliable and provided with integrity.” See this Bangudi Law Client Review on AVVO


“PROFESSIONAL – Mayabanza Sylena Bangudi is a trustworthy professional who not only displays great work ethics and knowledge on migration matters but also a deep care for her clients. I recommend her to anyone that needs legal services. She handles her cases with excellent professionalism.” See this Bangudi Law Client Review on AVVO


“Maya is a God send. I’m not sure where our company would be without her guidance. Her passion for law, and for being the best, is evident in her practice. Hire Maya if you are seeking quality and dedication from start to finish.” See this Bangudi Law Client Review on LinkedIn


“I met Mayabanza when I lost all hope for my Husband to ever join me in America. But, with Maya’s expertise, high integrity and superlative work, my Husband is here in America with me and we are happy. If you have any immigration problem, Mayabanza is “THE ATTORNEY TO GO TO”. She is trusworthy, knowledgable and have good results. My life is whole today because of her. Trust me on this.” See this Bangudi Law Client Review on LinkedIn