COVID-19 Updates

BANGUDI LAW LLC is preparing ourselves, the office and our families for whatever may or may not happen as it relates to the Coronavirus. Please use this page for updated information and how our office will be responding. You may also call the office at 301-776-5555.

Please continue to check out this page as we keep it updated with this developing situation. Last updated (3/8/20)

If you are unwell~ Please note if you or any members of your party are not well, with a cold or otherwise, we ask you to remain home and do your consultation or meeting via Zoom conference, Skype, video or phone.

In turn, here at the office, if any of our staff has a cold or is otherwise unwell, we have asked that they not come into the office but rather work for home if they are able to.

We are also enforcing  our  NO WALK IN policy for the next 2 weeks. Please do not come into the office without an appointment. To talk with our staff to determine if you need an appointment please call 301-776-5555. Please utilize our 24/7 secure client drop-box in front of our building at 322 Main Street, Laurel, MD 20707 if you just need to provide documents for your case.

In the event that our office has to physically close our office doors~ We will continue to serve you by phone and video during our normal office hours. We regularly monitor voicemail messages outside of business hours. As a modern firm, we utilize virtual technologies including virtual telephones and “cloud-based” storage, and we do not need to be physically present at our office building to work on your case. You may also be in touch with our office via email at during this period as always.

Please see the information below that we have collected from reliable sources, namely the CDC. As information develops, as it will, we will update our plans for the office:

1. Don’t Panic- keep informed. Best website is the CDC for up to date info.

2. Wash your hands regularly, cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze, and when you’re sick, stay home and drink lots of fluids. ( if you have any of these symptoms please do not come to our office but stay home and rest). Please note we will be enforcing our NO WALK IN policy for the next 2 weeks.

3. Those surgical masks? If you’re not sick, you don’t need to wear them. If you are Sick or are caring for someone who is sick please wear one.

4. Put together an emergency kit.

5. Watch what you read – there is a lot of misinformation!


Web Resources  on the Coronavirus:

AGAIN~ Please note we are able to do video conference calls and phone calls with our office. If you are sick with a cold or flu we recommend you elect this option. You can chat with us from the privacy of your home with your cell phone/ipad or laptop. Your video can be on or off..

Call or email the office 301-776-5555 for additional information or any clarity on how we may accommodate you….

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